Costumes Available for Sale

back view

close up of top

crop top

2 more tops

Camo print top and trousers, 3 different tops

Black and silver pinstripe trousers with tie

back view

Pale rainbow tutu

Neon Spanish style skirted leotard

back view

Purple kimono with tutu skirt

back view

Red and gold sequin fringed leotard with attached bow

back view

Yellow pinstripe all in one

White sequin leotard

Blue and white skirted leotard with stars and boot covers

Purple and gold skirted leotard

Black and silver sequin top and bikeshorts with ankle socks

Black and white spotty top and leggings

Neon print top and bikeshorts

back view

Multi print and black sequin top and skirt

extra skirt

Blue velvet and sheer skirted leotard with extra skirt and gloves

back view

Wine velvet biketard

back view

Black and turquoise tutu

back view

Blue and green velvet bodice tutu

back view

Black sheer and lycra all in one with crop top

back view

Black halter neck sparkle biketard with tutu half skirt

back view

Red and gold fringed leotard with feathery gloves

back view

Peasant costume with velvet cropped trousers, attached

back view

back view, leotard only

leotard attached to skirt

Red velvet and silver leotard and skirt with gloves

back view, leotard only

Leotard with matching pants

Neon stripe leotard and skirt

back view, leotard only

Pink and black spotty leotard and skirt

back view

Shades of purple tutu

back view

Black velvet and red tutu

back view

Neon coloured leotard and skirt

back view

Red, white and blue gingham print top and shorts

back view

Pale lilac and gold leotard with half skirt and hat

back view

Pink and black velvet leotard with half skirt

leotard only

Purple blue velvet leotard and shorts

underneath leotard

back view

Blue fringed leotard

back view

biketard colour

White lace over mauve lycra skirted biketard

back view

Black sparkle all in one

Flower power top and trousers

Leotard only

Peach crushed velvet leotard and skirt

back view

Blue velvet sparkle top and shorts

back view

Purple print and velvet skirted leotard

leotard only

back view

Denim and red print leotard and shorts

marking under arm pits

marking on trousers

Purple and silver crop top and trousers
(slight markings under the armpits)

back view

Velvet, sparkle snakeskin all in one with cap, gloves

Red velvet and sheer all in one

back view

Pale blue velvet leotard with hat and gloves

Burgundy leotard and velvet trousers

leotard only

leotard only

back view

Hot pink velvet leotard with matching skirt

back view

Pink velvet floral skirted leotard

back view

back view

Green tie dye tunic biketard

back view

Pale blue tie dye and silver skirted biketard

back view

Pink rouched skirted leotard

back view

Metallic gold skirted leotard

back view

Metallic pink and silver skirted leotard

colour back view


Red sequin tunic

Bull dog Mask

Furry Mask

60’s Cap

White Catsuit

Elegant Lady Pirate

Scooby Doo

Harry Potter Onesie

Purple Sparkle Top

Union Flag Dress

Black and iridescent zig zag patterned catsuit

back view

Navy velvet and lycra lyrical dress

Purple and black velvet all-in-one

back view

Medium blue lyrical dress

Black velvet and cotton catsuit

Purple silk tailcoat, cropped catsuit and boot covers

Red lace and velvet fringed leotard

Black fringed leotard with gold sparkles

White lycra skirted leotard

Multi stripe and velvet skirted leotard

Werewolf wig

Black and white wig

Pastel rainbow wig

Green plaited wig

Black velvet and red witch

Red velvet Indian costume

Navy and white pirate costume

Turquoise and black flame pattern skirted leotard

Soldier costume

Back cape with green bats

Bright green skirted leotard

Red soldier jacket

Aqua and black sparkle all-in-one

Navy and red army hat

Ghostbusters costume and backpack

Blue princess costume

50’s grease costume

Victorian detective costume

Black and orange felt hat

Freddy Krueger costume with mask

Striped witch hat with spider

Bendy witch hat

Pumpkin mask

Street Punk Wig

Black and red witch costume

Black Halloween top

Skeleton and mask

Grey skeleton costume and mask

Werewolf mask and gloves

Furry devil headband and tail

back view

Red velvet tutu with sparkle hat Bell Hop

back view

Green and black biketard

Turquoise sequin one leg biketard

Sparkle jacket with tie for hat and choker

back view


Hot Pink

Red (2)
Gold (2)

in white

Ant Costume

Mouse Costume

Scary Clown Costume

Werewolf Costume

Halloween Ghost

Adult Wicked Witch costume

Elsa gown with white cape

Elsa Gown with blue cape

back view

Pale pink and gold lyrical

Angel wings

Denim 70’s trousers

Pink leotard with net overtop and matching skirt

back view

better view

Leotard with skirt

Leotard only

Freed pointe shoes

Revolution nude bra

Greek sandals

Straw hat with yellow scarf

Black flat cap

Batgirl cape

Chinese umbrella

Elvis guitar

Pink kitten heels

Spotty shoes

Red sparkle shoes

White platform boots with flower

Brown suede platform boots

Silver platform boots

White platform gogo boots

Men’s pink platform shoes

Men’s Silver lace-up boots

Silver sandals

Black patent platform shoes

Multi colour suede shoes

Metallic silver combat boots

Green Go Go boots

Zebra shoes

Leopard shoes

Baby Tootsie Roll

Little Red Riding Hood

Baby red riding hood

Rainbow long wig

Police woman

Sultry Scarecrow

Woman firefighter

Pirate costume

Cardinal costume

Prince/Royalty costume

Black waistcoat

Black waistcoat

Green cape and scarf

Peter Pan

Big Friendly Giant

Medieval knight

School boy

Lady Gangster dungarees

Mermaid costume

Military Ambulance suit

American jacket and trousers

Tartan vest

Military vest

School uniform

Western leather set

Austrian costume

Wench dress

velvet Skeleton pirate

Young girl costume and hat

Medieval wench

Black and pink witch and hat

Bavarian child

Black and gold knight

White gown with gold veil

Bavarian dress

Scotsman kilt

Scotsman kilt

Roman gown with cape

Lady Sultan

Sultan Genie

1940’s aviator

Greek Goddess


Bolly wood

Greek lady

Sweater vest

Dirty dancing dress and wig

Gangster suit with red shirt


Brown and black 50’s jacket

Pirate wench

Red and black 50’s jacket

Lord of the Rings wizard

Super woman costume

Hooded pirate skeleton

Pirate woman

Purple suit and green waistcoat

Batman scarecrow

Richard III

Skeleton with pink bones

Skeleton dress with socks

Gothic bride

Black velvet witch

Pink skeleton witch dress

Wendy Addams dress

Adult pumpkin

Red Satin Devil

Black and silver witch

Woman Chainsaw massacre

Black dress with silver bat

Multi colour witch and hat


Werewolf 2-piece

Zombie surgeon

Baby green and black skeleton

Baby skeleton

Tunic and mask

Monster Tabbard

Baby cat

Baby pink and black cat

Striped cat

Purple and black skirt

Blue and black bat cape

Witch dress

Ghost baby

Black ruffle skirt

Red/yellow cape

Tunic and mask

White and black biketard

Skeleton Pirate

Cat woman

Woman spider man

Posh pirate


60’s / 70’s trousers

60’s 2-piece

60’s wrap dress

60’s dress

60’s dress and hat

Red satin lace up witch


Robin Hood


Green Medieval dress

Royal velvet Tudor gown

Black fur hooded cape

Red and black 60’s dress and hat

Black and white 60’s dress

Black and white 60’s dress and hat

Medieval gold dress

Pumpkin dress and hat

Greek costume

Ladies White 70’s suit and blouse

Victorian girl

Beatles suit

Green Tudor

Purple Tudor costume

White lace blouse and check skirt

Military costume and hat

Blue Military costume

Ladies blue military

Black sequin wrap

Purple metallic waistcoat

Red velvet top and trousers

Grey lycra catsuit

Tudor tabbard and hat

Blue velvet tabbard

Wine velvet cape

Red velvet top

Black sequin and net skirt

Female Riddler

Hooded skeleton dress

Silver, red and black skeleton

Elvis costume

Woman gangster

Grey velvet witch and hat

Grave digger widow

Cinderella in Rags

Medieval Tabbard

Wine and black witch dress

Red and black vampiress dress

Knight tunic and hood

Medieval dress and wig

White and red sultan

Queen Victoria dress

Edwardian killer

Black, red and gold witch

Rainbow tutu

Rainbow wig

back view

back view

back view

back view

back view

back view

Black and white sheer top

back view

Pink dress with underskirt

back view

Black and white musical 4 piece

back view

back view

back view

back view

back view

back view

Peach sparkle tutu

Turquoise velvet tutu

back view

back view

Aqua and white tutu

back view

Yellow tutu

back view

back view

back view

back view

back view

back view

back view

Royal blue velvet tutu

back view

Purple velvet tutu

back view

Floral tutu
(pink skirt (2), purple skirt (1)

back view

back view

Black velvet skirted leotard

back view

back view

Pink and black tutu

back view

Queen of hearts tutu

back view

Sparkle orange tutu

back view

black velvet and gold leotard

Black velvet and red sparkle tutu

Red and black floaty dress

Hot pink sparkle top and shorts

back view

Wine velvet dress and bike shorts

back view

Black and silver stripe skirted leotard
(slight damage on the stripes)

Pale blue and white lace tutu

back view

White lace skirted leotard

back view

Cream and black lyrical dress

back view

Pink and silver tutu dress

Black, white and red spotty skirted leotard

Gold and black zebra print top and bikeshorts

back view

Floral print leotard with tutu skirt

Metallic green, black and silver leotard, shorts and waistcoat

Black trousers, crop top and waistcoat

back view

Red, black and white biketard with fringe and boot covers

back view

Red, white and black skirted leotard

back view

Red and white check tutu

back view

Purple and black swirl skirted leotard

back view

Turquoise and black spotty biketard

back view

Purple lycra and lace leotard and trousers

back view

Animal print biketard

back view

Black, red and cream lace up leotard and sheer leggings

back view

Red and silver skirted leotard with hat

back view

White sequin leotard

back view

Floral and Cranberry lyrical

back view

Wine, black and white long skirted leotard

back view

Purple velvet with sheer skirt

back view

White satin dress with underskirt

back view

Black velvet and white net tutu

back view

Turquoise velvet skirted leotard with gloves and feather hairpiece

back view

Metallic green and black hooded biketard

back view

Black and silver pinstripe biketard

Red and silver sequin jacket and leotard

Lavender floral biketard

back view

Shades of aqua lyrical dress

Black angled hem skirted leotard

Black and turquoise sparkle leotard and skirt

back view

Red and black lace fringed skirted leotard

Army print top and trousers

Velvet leopard print halter top and trousers

Snakeskin print top and skirt

back view

Pale green sparkle skirted leotard

back view

Black velvet and gold skirted leotard

back view

Purple velvet and black sheer leotard and skirt

back view

Red sequin tutu

Navy velvet top and trousers

back view

Forest green velvet leotard and skirt

Black velvet trousers and sparkle top

back view

Shades of green lyrical

Navy velvet trousers with halter top

Royal blue and silver leotard with skirt

Tie dye halter top and bike shorts

Pinstripe trousers with yellow braces

back view

Pink and black velvet leotard with fringe

back view

Gold and cream short skirted leotard

close view

back view

Black sheer trousers jumpsuit

back view

White and pink fringe loetard

back view

Black velvet and sheer biketard

back view

Brown sequin skirted leotard

back view

Wine and rose sparkle skirted leotard

back view

Black velvet skirted leotard with gloves

back view

Royal blue sequin skirted leotard

back view

Green and sequin skirted leotard

back view

closer view

Cerise long skirted leotard

back view

Hot pink velvet skirted leotard

back view

Turquoise lyrical

back view

Yellow and white lyrical

Belle gown

Ice Queen

Blue Cinderella gown

Black/white tutu skirt

Black and red silk cape

Punk clown costume

White ghost with chain

Dr Evil
Top, Trousers, Boot Covers

Mad Chef Top, Trousers, Hat

Skeleton Dress

Blue, purple, pink tutu

Purple and turquoise tutu

Yellow and aqua tutu

in pink

without tutu skirt

skirt only

Skirt only

Green and black spotted biketard and feather skirt

Leotard only

Leotard only

Astronaut costume

Alien costume

Alien jumpsuit

Alien hat

Grey morning suit tailcoat

Red and black satin waistcoat

Green and blue Tartan waistcoat

Pink Ladies Outfit
Jacket, Trousers

Blue Glam Rock Costume
Jacket, Trousers, Belt

Prince singer costume
Wig, Shirt, Jacket, Trousers

Victorian Peasant Dress

Nurse Costume and Hat

Nurse Costume

T-Bird Jacket

Pink Lady Dress

Elvis Jailhouse Rock Shirt, Jacket and Trousers

Glam Rock top, tousers, wig and bootcovers

Boy George Tunic, Hat and Wig

Shrek costume with top, trousers, mask and hands

Womens Punk Costume with skirt, t shirt, Tailcoat, Gloves and bracelet

Spider Woman costume
(with armbands and bootcovers)
(with bootcover, arm bands and cape)

Beefeater costume with hat, belt collar and socks

Victorian Black Polka Dot Dress with Shawl and Hat

Green dress with black lace


Black wounded jacket

Black spider witch dress and hat

Gold and black moon dress and hat

Purple dress with black cape

Grey werewolf costume and mask

Frankenstein costume and headpiece

Pirate costume with mask and sword

Pirate dress


Pirate top and skirt

Velvet witch dress with gloves

Green and black witch dress with hat

Purple and black witch dress with hat

Devil costume with mask

Frankenstein with mask

Adult Dracula

Corpse Bride

Black cotton net skirt

Gomez costume

Werewolf costume with mask

Alien Lord

Skeleton with grey bones

Skeleton with roach design

Buzz Lightyear

Black widow


Corpse bride with wig

Pumpkin fleece

Red and black spider

Dr Frankenstein


Pink and black angel witch

Punk witch

Glitter witch


Grim Reaper with skyth

Skeleton with green bones


Skeleton horror

Pumpkin horror

Purple and rust Tudor boy

Brown plaid Tudor boy

Rust velvet Tudor girl

Pink and gold Tudor dress

Pikachu costume

Rose and gold lyrical

close up

Blue and green lyrical

back view

Power Rangers Dinothunder

Skeleton costume with hat and gloves

Skeleton costume with mask

Skeleton with rubber bones

Skeleton gloves

Homemade pumpkin mask

Beautiful bones

Purple sexy witch

Good vs Evil

Green and black fairy witch

Zombie mouse

Wine velvet devil costume

Wonderland Princess

Perfect Pirate

Steam punk Sexy pirate

Reversible cape

Horror Clown mask

Black fedora

Mirror aviator glasses

King Of Pop gloves

King Of Pop wig

Victorian Boy

King Of Pop

White cotton mop hat

Vampire Men’s costume

Vintage clown

Poor Victorian girl

Victorian Poor Girl

Grim Reaper


Victorian Urchin costume

Screamer costume

Victorian Schoolgirl

Body Wrappers Pleated Half Sole

Purple Velvet & Cream Lyrical

Purple and black sequin lace up biketard

back view

Deluxe witch hat

Black sheer blouse

Black adult cape

Purple skirt

Ragged hem trousers

Black uneven hem skirt

Red circle skirt

Black graduation robe

Black pleather trousers

Purple fur witch

Green velvet robe and hood

Stone satin gown

Black velvet top

Green top with black sleeves

Black velvet long waistcoat

Ragged trousers

Red and black strapless dress

Purple and blue gown

Lilac gown with blue scarf

Black gown

Black and orange all-in-one

Pink Lily Munster

Green and black tunic

White camisole with blood

Black and purple streamers over skirt

Skeleton bride

Ladies Vampiress

Skeleton cape, hat and trousers

Midnight Fairy

Black spider web cape with collar

Black cape with collar

Black sequin skirt

Black satin cape

Black tail and pants

Sequin glove

Grim Reaper

Monster costume

Black lycra top

Black lycra witch dress

Painted skeleton 2-piece

Black trousers with red stripe

Dark Knight

Star Wars Tabbard and trousers

Black and white skeleton cheerleader
(with pom pom)

Google eyed monster

Zombie Cheerleader

Miss Halloween

Black fleece onesie

Red and black monster

U Rot Cheerleader

Purple silk dress with black collar

Purple dress with black sleeves

Black dress with purple collar

Black tutu

Pirate top

Purple and black witch fairy

Skeleton mermaid

Neon skeleton

Black and red velvet gown

Red devil dress

White top with holes

Black and wine witch dress

Red and black velvet devil top

Red and black ripped top

Harlequin dress

Black and red vampiress gown

Black and gold witch costume with hat

Rotted Zombie costume

Neon green and black 3-piece

Grey hip hop trousers, jacket and crop top

Black and graffiti leotard and skirt

Orange snakeskin catsuit

back view

Copper and black jungle theme skirted leotard

Black sequin one-sleeve leotard

back view

Blue velvet catsuit with feathers

Navy lace dress with shorts

Purple, black and silver biketard

Varsity skirted leotard

Gold sparkle skirted biketard

Turquoise sparkle fringed biketard

Pale blue and white lace tutu

Black and red lace one sleeve biketard

back view

Multi colour sequin tutu biketard

Pink and gold sparkle tutu

Rust catsuit with sparkle wrap

Red, White and blue velvet biketard

Turquoise and black jacket and leggings

Multi colour sparkle dress with bike shorts

Cream and wine soldier costume
(with hat and boot covers)

Black ruffle tiered skirt

Black and pink spotty 2-piece

Red, white and blue skirted leotard with tutu skirt

Bright green leotard top and trousers

Turquoise skirted lyrical

Pale blue lyrical

Green and cream leotard with tutu skirt

back view

Black and white catsuit with over top

Purple print skirted biketard

Turquoise and black 2-piece

Pink and black skirted biketard

Wine biketard with feathers

Gold and black sparkle skirted leotard

Neon green and black 2-piece

Navy and white peasant tutu
(would need undergarment)

Green cutout leotard with skirt

Black lace catsuit with skirt

Blue, green and black 2-piece

Black and pink sparkle biketard

Navy wool jacket

Black silk paisley waistcoat

Black waistcoat with collar

Blue Boy’s jacket

Green Tweed jacket

Grey cotton jacket

Black pinstripe jacket

Grey pinstripe women’s waistcoat

Grey pinstripe jacket

Black satin waistcoat

White and pink tutu with flowers

Pale blue and white tutu

Neon green and zebra stripe skirted biketard

Silver sparkle and black biketard dress

Gold and cream tutu

back view

Red, black and white biketard with jacket

Blue and black sparkle hip hop

back view

Pink and navy lace tutu

Rose gold floral tutu

back view

Tan split sole jazz shoes

Blonde mullet

Little gangster costume

Black fringe biketard shorts

Black tailcoat

Leopard print velvet catsuit

back view

Black and blue hip hop jacket

back view

Navy and gold bugle boy costume

Black and white skirted tutu

Black and neon green catsuit

back view

Gold sparkle skirted biketard

Turquoise and black ruffled leotard

back view

Gold sparkle biketard dress

Yellow lace lyrical

Taupe lyrical

Green and black crop top

back view

Black booty shorts

back view

Black sequin and feather biketard

Navy sparkle biketard

Mint and purple tutu

back view

Black and gold hip hop

back view

White and lace lyrical

back view

Peach sparkle 2-piece

back view

Teal and black leather-look catsuit

Yellow sparkle lyrical

back view

Lilac and cream lyrical

back view

Black and purple biketard

Blue and black animal print tutu dress

Pink and silver lyrical

back view

back view

Pink, black and white hip hop

back view

White and black hip hop

back view

Sparkle skirted tutu

back view

Red and pink skirted leotard

Wine crop top and black leather look skirted biketard

Copper sparkle biketard tutu

back view

Black and gold hooded biketard

back view

Peach sparkle 3-piece

Pink and Purple 3-piece

back view

Army dress

White and black 3-piece

back view

Orange and green lyrical

Black tap shoes

Black tap shoes

Character shoes

Black and white tap shoes

Character shoes

in white

Silver only

2 purple
2 turquoise

leotard only

Pocket watch

80’s brown mullet

Gothic scissor wig

70’s black afro wig

60’s mod wig

70’s Blonde layered flick wig

70’s Brown layered flick wig

70’s Black layered flick wig

Men’s 80’s fitness instructor costume

Women’s 80’s shell suit

Men’s shell suit

Scouser tracksuit

Lion headpiece

White jabot/cravat

Clown hats

Purple masquerade mask on stick

Black felt hat with feather

Zorro hat

Brown plaid shoes

Red flat shoes

Selection of old hats

80’s Rocker wig

Black duster coat / Matrix / Neo

Wind up deadly doll costume and wig

Steampunk hats with gears

Studded gloves

Steampunk trousers

Steampunk Lady costume

Purple and black felt broom

Witch’s broom

Pitch fork

Men’s blue print dressing gown

White lace layered skirt

Brown tweed waistcoat

Cream sheer lace blouse

Turquoise paisley waistcoat

Pink floral waistcoat

Short black petticoat

Lycra print shorts

Orange and yellow 2-piece

Vicars shirt

Green waistcoat

Cream waistcoat

Kung Fu robe

Turquoise old fashioned dress

Pale pink satin gown

Pink sequin gown with furry wrap

Green patterned 2-piece

Denim skirt

Elephant print leggings

Black pleather dress

Orange and brown swirl skirt

Red floral robe

Multi coloured coat

Yellow petticoat

Rugby League top Blue

Turquoise and yellow strapless dress

Rugby League top Red

Yellow flapper dress

Black lace cover up

Pale blue jacket

Yellow and black gown

Black and orange can can skirt

Black knit skirt

Black sequin dress with cutouts

Black school uniform skirt

Grey silk long skirt

Black velvet cape

White and turquoise petticoat

Suede Western skirt

Gold and purple Arabian top

Black and red Asian tunic

Green crochet skirt

Black and white top with flowers

Orange sparkle top

Black and gold jacket with ruffle sleeves

Red and black plaid shirt

Red and black top

Gold and black vest

Pink and black striped blouse

Navy 3-piece lingerie

Black schoolgirl dress

Ivory silk long skirt

Blue and white 2-piece

Red and white polka dot dress

Peach and cream lace 2-piece

Striped Asian skirt

Orange character skirt

Grey leather jacket

MC Hammer costume

Orange 60’s dress

Black bell bottom trousers

Wine and velvet blouse

Pink satin jacket

White blouse with ruffle

Pale blue floral dress

Navy velvet cape

Tan sparkle twin set

Pale purple pin dot 2-piece

Pink leather ballet shoes

Bloch tap shoes

Jabot with pearl

Pink jacket gown

Blue corduroy belt

Blue and black peasant skirt

Paddington coat

Pink and black petticoat skirt

Tinkerbell dress

back view

Pink skirted leotard

Green jacket and print skirt

Turquoise and gold Tudor gown

Turquoise beaded lyrical with underskirt

Red and silver crop top and trousers

Black satin circle skirt

Neon green fringe dance top

Tartan silk skirt

Hot pink sheer top

White and gold stars skirted leotard

back view

Turquoise and pink stripe dress

Pink and white dress with apron

Green velvet jacket

Peasant costume

Black and red corset and can can skirt

Pink and purple harem costume

Black hip hop trousers

Grey trousers

Tan lycra shorts with black trim

Purple harem costume

back view

Green knit waistcoat

Grey jacket, waistcoat, shirt in one

Black angled fringe skirt

Black and pink fringe top

Sailor biketard

Turquoise and silver lyrical dress

Hot pink and purple dance skirt

Red, white and blue stirrup leggings

Neon green and black all-in-one

Musical note with braces all-in-one

Pink and black criss cross all-in-one

Purple and black zebra catsuit

Orange crop top with gold trim

Black and silver velvet biketard

Red and green skirted leotard

Boys brown suit

Red and silver lyrical dress

Shades of blue lyrical

Red dance coat

Black and white spiral design all-in-one

Purple and tie dye all-in-one

Khaki green trousers

Long black waistcoat

Tan khaki shorts

Orange floral 60’s dress

Purple velvet skirt with lace

Gold silky tank top

Green satin jacket with red trim

Red and black gown with diamante brooch

Peach peasant top

Black pearly skirt

Pink and brown jabot/cravat

Striped shirt with pockets

Strapless soldier leotard with tails and braiding

Vintage white blouse with lace collar

Black tutu skirt with elastic waistband

Cream rabbit ears headband

Orange indian privacy panel

Black shawl

Red pants

Yellow Danskin pants

Red lycra halter top

Red crop top with clear straps

Pink polka dot top

Santa accessories

Pink Princess hat

60’s cumberbund

Sailor hat with stars

Silver leggings with neon green halter top

Straw bag with flowers

Long brown wig

Brown hair extensions

Blonde plaited headband

White curly wig

Peach curly wig

Black velvet evening bag

Brown beard and moustache

Judge’s wig

White headpiece with lace and pearls and choker

White bag with black buttons

Black drawstring purse

Red and orange straw bag

Orange sombrero

Combat flat cap

Plastic Union Jack hats

Royal blue pantaloons

Gold and green brocade jacket

Green satin waistcoat with black lace up

Sequin top and scrunchie

Glitter mask

Grey suede long coat

back view

another view

back view

Elvis wig

Welsh hats

Cream Prince Charming

Green and pink Indian top and skirt

Silver halter neck top

Black sequin halter dress

Greek costume

Turquoise and cream Indian tunic and trousers

Green long lyrical

Saloon tops

Turquoise lycra trousers

Turquoise lycra shorts

Blue lycra catsuit

Turquoise and pink leotard

‘Lips’ jumpsuit

Sequin jacket

Sequin jacket

Gold sequin dress

Orange trousers with zebra panels

Purple and flesh leotard

Long yellow floaty skirt

Black and silver Elvis costume

Supergirl costume

Red ‘Period’ dress

Flower Power dress

Flight Attendant

White satin shirt

Glam Rock costume

White cotton pantaloons

Purple print pantaloons

Blue and white check pantaloons

Green stripe apron

Red check apron

Pink and blue floral apron

Blue check apron

Pink and gold floral apron

White chef apron

back view

glitter denim view

Inside braces

close up

Reindeer pole

Red and gold purse

Chinese pyjamas

Pink Hawaiian shirt

Minnie Mouse pink dress and ears with pink bow

Black ruffle skirt with red paint

Elvis jumpsuit with red collar

Western Photo props (10pc)

Under the Sea Photo props (10pc)

Tudor girl hat

Tea party Photo props (10pc)

Superhero mask

Princess Photo props (10pc)

Pirate Photo props (10ct)

Hot pink plaits wig

Party photo on stick (17ct)

Old lady wig

Girls party on a stick (12ct)


close up

real view

Boys Chinese costume

Flat cap (child)

Black mask with sequins

Flat cap (Adult)

Photo booth props (60ct)

Party props on sticks (20ct)

LOL party props (13ct)

Turquoise Belle dress

Neon green with sparkle 2-piece

Wine velvet leotard with gold trim

Men’s combat trousers

Men’s cut off combat shirt

Wine velvet long sleeve leotard

Purple lycra leotard

Wine lycra short sleeve leotard

Pink lycra racerback leotard

Royal blue lycra short sleeve leotard

Brown and red western outfit

Black and silver sequin waistcoat

Grey print waistcoat

Red sheer Asian dress

Black print Kaftan

Gold shiny Chinese top

Teal and mustard robe

Black print Chinese jacket

Green robe with gold trim

Blue Malaysian top

Wine floral Indian gown

Blue Chinese skirt

Jafar robe

White and black pantaloons

Rock star costume

Elvis glasses

American glitter hats

White light up cowboy hats

Red Belle dress with purse

Spanish dress with black skirt

Spanish dress with polka dot skirt

Blue Cinderella dress and gloves

Flapper dress

Red, yellow and black Spanish Dress

Pink satin dress with black lace trim

Bloch jazz trainers

Katz Cuban Heel tap shoes

Capezio split sole tap shoes

close up

Freed high heel lace up tap shoes

close up

Cream pancake tutu with gold beading

Pale blue tutu

Green and blue catsuit

Silver top

Purple Vintage dress


top lining


leotard base

skirt layers

skirt layers

skirt detail

close up skirt

close up


close up

real view

close up

other view

close up

Owl fur jacket

Green, pink and white 2-piece

Red velvet quilted waistcoat

Black velvet dress with sparkle sleeves

Navy sparkle dress

Double breasted waistcoat

Men’s cream jacket

Navy, cream and turquoise 2-piece set

Men’s tan suit with orange trim

Cream floral strapless dress and jacket

Black lace and sheer dress

Gold and peach Arabian costume

Purple sequin flapper dress

Cream and black print gown

Police caps


Vintage umbrellas

Silver plastic crown


Asian instrument


Rug beater

Bamboo cane

Olympic torch

Silver cross

Groovy moustache

Black Asian top and skirt

Black silk pyjamas

Black and white lace 2-piece

Grey silk pyjamas

Orange and cream gown

Black and white checkerboard skirt

Green and brown peasant gown

Pale green silk gown

Cream silk long skirt

Black and pink paisley trousers

Pale yellow circle skirt

White silk circle skirt

Black cotton skirt with green trim

Black corduroy skirt

Blue check pleated skirt

Red and white spotty trousers

Wine dress with belt

Orange and purple check skirt

Black and white check skirt

Red and silver satin tabbard and sleeves

Black harem trousers

Navy check skirt

Green floral cotton skirt

Pink and white check skirt

Turquoise, black and cream skirt

Karate outfit

Red and sequin 2-piece

Black velvet trousers with silver trim

Blue and white striped blouse and skirt

Navy and white striped jacket

Pink floral gown with scarf

Elvis costume and wig

Grey paisley top

Black ‘wet look’ jacket and skirt

Snow White dress

Tan suede waistcoat

Pink and white check raincoat

Gold sparkle dress

Green robe with gold detail

Black silk and velvet dress

Green pleated skirt

Black and lace blouse and skirt

Pink blouse with grey lace and matching skirt


back view

close up

real view

Royal shirt with yellow buttons

Blue gown with cherries

Royal and grey dress

Tan and blue sparkle gown

Pink sparkle gown

Black leotard with sequins

Black dress with fur

Green and white gown

Black Asian dressing gown

Green skirt

Black and green velvet cape

Blue and cream 2-piece

Black jacket with sequin lapels

Royal Graduation gown

Peach floral gown

Black satin jacket

Men’s navy jacket

Black velvet jacket

Chef trousers